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One pull one inner ear belt conveyor
One pull one inner ear belt conveyor
One pull one inner ear belt conveyor

One pull one inner ear belt conveyor

Unit Price: USD 42000 - 43500 / Set/Sets
Min. Order: 1 Set/Sets

Basic Info

    Model No.: ver0624

Product Description

Auto inner ear loop mask machine is our company carefully research and development of a fully automatic high speed type equipment, this equipment is the use of programmed control automatic production, the production of artificial line plane of inner ear wearing surgical masks to replace equipment, from raw materials to the mask body shaping, automatic transmission with masks on the ontology, automatic ears, ear side finished product output, are all automated operation. The technological process of the equipment is as follows: 3 to 5 layers of material for the whole winding machine (feed raw materials, feed nose bridge) → ultrasonic welding → rolling cutting → folding → welding → rolling cutting body → automatic transport to the ear loop welding machine → welding left and right ear loop → ear loop wrapping edge → finished product output.

1、本机自动化作业,原材料进料、自动出片、自动定位、自动耳带焊接,焊点结实, 口罩外形美观,切刀均匀; Automatic operation of the machine, raw material feeding, automatic chip out, automatic positioning, automatic ear belt welding, solid solder joints, beautiful mask and even knife. 2、全机台采用铝合金结构,美观坚固,且符合国家检测标准; The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and firm, and accords with the national testing standard. 3、PLC 系统程序自动化控制,工艺成熟、品质稳定、效率高。 PLC system automatic control, mature technology, stable quality and high efficiency. Materials to avoid waste of raw materials and reduce downtime . 4、采用 DC53 钢模滚筒,焊带结实、焊点性能美观; Adopt DC53 steel mould roller, the welding belt is strong, the solder joint performance is beautiful. 5、拉力均匀、对折整齐、节省人工; Uniform pulling force, uniform folding and saving labor. 6、具备鼻梁条自动输送装置、出位准确且不损料,剪切精度高; Equipped with automatic conveying Equipment for nose bar, accurate position and no material loss, and high shearing accuracy. 8、超声波系统,一体连线设计,操作稳定; Ultrasonic system, integrated wiring design, stable operation; 9、设备采用一体化制作,整机自动化操作。简单快捷,1 人操作即可; 第 3 页 共 11 页 The Equipment is made by integration, and the whole machine is operated automatically. It is simple and quick, 1 person operate machine.

三、设备参数表 Equipment Parameter

设备名称 全自动一拖一内耳带机 Equipment name Auto inner ear loop mask machine

设备型号 NK-UMM06A Equipment model

效率 50-60 pcs/min Efficiency

口罩尺寸 175*95 MM Mask size

超声波频率 20KHz Ultrasonic frequency

操作方式 PLC 及触摸屏 Control System PLC&HMI

工作电压 220V,50/60HZ working voltage

工作功率 8 KW Working power

工作气压 0.6Mpa Working air pressure

机架结构 铝型材机架 Machine Frame Aluminium alloy sections

设备尺寸 5000*3000*1800 MM Equipment size

设备重量 900KG Equipment weight

操机配置 1 人 Operation configuration 1 person

1、电源要求:单相电 220V,50/60HZ,10KW 以上;一火线、一零线、一地线(根据功率计算线材 的粗细); Electricity Supply Requirement:individual 220V 50HZ 10KW, one “L”Live Wire, one “N” Naught wire, one“E”Earth Wire(Calculate the thickness of wire rod according to the power); 2、气压要求:进气管直径 10mm,压力 0.6~0.7Mpa,流量约 0.6 立方米/分钟; Air pressure requirement: Diameter of intake pipe: 10mm; pressure: 0.6~0.7 Mpa, Rate of flow: 0.6m³/min 3、口罩车间建议选择无尘车间生产; 第 9 页 共 11 页 Workshop of mask is recommended to choose Dust-free workshop for production 4,车间温湿度根据客户生产工艺进行管控,口罩机无温湿度要求; Workshop’s Temperature and humidity should be controlled according to customers’ production process . Mask machine no Temperature and humidity requirement. 5、口罩机无需吸尘装置,但定期需要对设备周边进行清理及保养; Mask machine no need vacuum Equipment. But Require clean and maintain the surrounding of the Equipment regularly. 6,口罩机不带消毒设备,客户可根据需求自行购买消毒设备; The mask machine does not have disinfection Equipment. Customers can purchase disinfection Equipment according to their needs. 7,设备摆放及安装请考虑物料的流转,可节约搬运时间。 For Equipment placement and installation, please consider material flow, which can save transportation time. 十、注意事项 Attention 1、接电时检查电源电压是否相符并稳定,相符并稳定才可接上电源,否则,容易损坏电源系统、超 声波系统; Check that the voltage of the power supply is consistent and stable when it is connected is consistent and stable before it can be connected to the power supply, otherwise, it is easy to damage the power supply system and ultrasonic system. 2、接电时必须时刻保持良好的接地,避免漏电伤人; Always keep good grounding when connecting electricity, avoid leakage injury; 3、天气干燥或气温低下时,机台部分部件可能会因原材料摩擦而带静电,请注意防护! When the weather is dry or the temperature is low, some parts of the machine may have static electricity due to friction of raw materials please pay attention to protection. 4、凡涉及电气、机械部分的调整与维修必须委派专人负责,非专业人士不得擅动!穿料、调整部 件、检查或维修机器时,必须停机!电气部分维护时必须断电! Any adjustment and maintenance of electrical or mechanical parts must be assigned to a special person. Non professionals should not be allowed to move. When wearing materials, adjusting parts, checking or repairing machines, they must be shut down. Electrical parts must be powered off when they are maintained. 5、电箱及超声波系统非专业人员或维修人员,请勿打开! Electric box and ultrasonic system non professional personnel or maintenance personnel, do not open! 6、气压要求在 0.6Mpa—0.7Mpa 左右,请不要在低于和高于该气压范围内工作。 The air pressure requirement is about 0.6Mpa - 0.7Mpa. Please do not work below or above the pressure range. 第 10 页 共 11 页 7、运行过程中请不要接触电气部件,如:超声波电箱、振动子(有高压,拆卸时请先放电) 、焊 头等等! please do not touch electrical components during operation, such as ultrasonic electric box, vibrator (high voltage, disassembly, discharge), welding head and so on. 8、运行时运动机械部分、刀片、剪刀部分、气缸等请不要接触以免发生意外! Don't touch the moving machinery, blades, scissors, cylinders, etc during operation to avoid accidents 9、在更换超声波系统配件后必须先检测和调整超声波频率才能开机运行!否则会造成超声波系统和 焊头的损坏! After the replacement of ultrasonic system accessories must first detect and adjust the ultrasonic frequency to start operation! otherwise will cause damage to ultrasonic system and welding head! 10、皮带、链条松紧度每周检查 1 次、链条链轮等部件要定期更换润滑油 Belt, chain tightness check once a week, chain sprocket and other parts to regularly replace lubricating oil 11、每天开机顺序是:检查气源、设备状况,再打开主电源,其次是超声波系统,关机时应先 关闭 超声波系统再关闭主电源! The order of daily boot is: check the gas source, equipment condition, then turn on the main power supply, followed by the ultrasonic system, when shutdown should first turn off the ultrasonic system and then turn off the main power supply! 12、减速机每运行 1000 小时需要更换新的润滑油! The reducer needs to replace the new lubricating oil every 1000 hours of operation 13、设备长时间不运行时,请在易锈部件涂抹防锈油! When the equipment is not running for a long time, please apply antirust oil to the rust-prone parts!

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